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Hearing Aids to fit various age groups, levels of hearing impairment, lifestyles, and budgets.

Digital Hearing Aid Features

  • Dual microphones allow you to hear better in noisy situations. Some can even identify the source of the noise and reduce it!
  • Open technology that keeps the ear canal unobstructed eliminates that "talking in a barrel" effect.
  • Feedback cancellation does just that... It cancels feedback BEFORE you hear it as an annoying whistle.
  • Hands free technology automatically adjusts to your listening environment... whether you are on the phone, in a crowd or in wind.
  • Your digital hearing aid can be programmed with a computer to meet your individualized needs.
  • Wireless technology allows you to hear your cell phone, television and home phone in stereo, directly through your hearing aids!


My dedicated staff and I also want to introduce you to BEYOND/EVOKE— the newest ground-breaking technology from Widex, one of the world’s most respected hearing aid manufacturers. The technology behind the BEYOND/EVOKE is state of the art, and no other hearing aid provides such a wide range of comfortable, audible sound. With BEYOND/EVOKE, the softest speech is audible and clear even in noisy environments. We feature Widex hearing aid because of there great performance and outstanding features.

Evoke From Widex


  • provides a more true-to-life, natural sound
  • analyzes the sound environment and prioritizes sound sources more accurately than
  • adapts quickly so wearers can keep up with every moment

Intuitive, effective wearer controls

To make our hearing aids even more intelligent, Widex analyzed hundreds of listening environments and mapped what wearers perceive to be true-to-life sound.

Widex Evoke In The Ear

Widex Evoke Behind the Ear

Some of the Other Major Brands We Offer

  • Oticon Hearing Aids

We carry all makes and models of Hearing aids in addition to the ones above.

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